Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a day on the Kouga river

It was with the arrival of Nic and his clan on Friday night, coinciding with a raging thunder storm, that we decided should the weather let up for Saturday, we will go on a hike along the Kouga River that slithers its way past our farm in the valley bellow, all the way through the Baviaanskloof Mountains to supply PE with its water. So the next morning, even though the weather was still miff, we launched into the hike. The hike itself was only about 12.5 km during which we had a thunderstorm with lashing rain and we even had to do a bit of swimming. Due to the weather, it was only myself, Rain (my youngest daughter, a fitting name for the occasion) and Nic that undertook the mission. The hike, although not long, was just long enough that we went through the first stage of the walk all chatting about this and that and marveling at this and that, then the silent part where everyone was just sort of lost in their own thoughts and only communicating on the path that should or should not be taken. Then on the last part of the walk, Rain drew alongside me and told me how much she was enjoying the walk. This was followed by an in depth description of the movie, "The Beach", we felt close!
I think walks in nature are so important for the soul, it also gives us a chance to marvel at Gods creation and I think it's what He gave it to us for, to enjoy on our days off, to recharge - so look after it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

fetching Alex (I love living here...)

Our daughter Alex went for a couple of days to "De Vlugt", which is on the famous Prince Alfred Pass (built by Sir Thomas Bains and the Italian prisoners of war), about 70km from where we live. She was visiting her friend, who's folks own "More Equine Adventures". They also do out rides, (as we do) and they breed warmbloods and sport horses. Myself and Rain, my youngest daughter set off. About a 3rd of the way down the pass, we stopped at a spring that someone cemented in, a very long time ago. This was obviously for the use of weary travelers, which we were, as we had been travelling in temperatures above 30 deg c in my old Izuzu bakkie at about 80km per hour, as that is where she feels most comfortable. This spring has got to be the best water I have ever tasted and I always make a point of stopping and filling a bottle or two to take home. In De Vlugt, I joined my daughters and their friend on a quick outride. The horse I rode was the most humungous horse I have ever riden and I was quite nervous, as I have only been riding for a year now but nontheless, she was a beautiful and gentle shire/thoroughbred mare with the name of Lulu. On the way home, we stopped on the pass at one of the many little pools for a cool-off swim and then back on home to the our little "plaas". Its random days like these that make me appreciate living out here, in nature, with family, horses and pets.