Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what every peasant needs

I had already written all of this out, when the slipstream lost its internet connection (I therefore lost everything I had written) and as I was not in the mood to write it in the first place, I had an absolute fit.So, here we go again... I bought our Merry Tiller for R1000 and as it's name states, it tills the ground and loosens everything up. Apart from loosening the soil, it also shakes one's lymph glands into action and the rest of one's body... who needs a spa! Above, you can see the effect it has, (believe me, the ground was hard and compacted!)... great hey.

A job well done, thank you Merry Tiller. I will let you know what I plant when the time comes, but first, the compost.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

horsing around in the kouga

One day while changing my tyre I had ghwo ghwo, my daughter's horse, come to check out what I was doing, apparently on recomendation from my mare, Lush, in the background. She's always worried about my DIY work and also likes to make sure that what ever I'm doing has nothing to do with food. She has a HUUuuuge appetite and wouldn't like to miss out on a snack!

I then had to explain to him exactly what I was doing, but he still felt that he should butt his nosy nose in and tell me exactly what to do step for step even though he was repeating what I had just told him! I think he was just trying to keep his clever status in front of Lush, obviously trying to impress her.

He then told me that, as I had the wheel off, I may as well check to see if anything else needed attention under the bakkie. What a nerve coming from a horse! I had to admit though, that he did have a point.
He then whispered into my ear that, once I was finished could I please, if I dont mind, thank him loud and audibly so, Lush could hear. I then understood for sure that all his hanging around and commenting was definately to impress young Lush.

Once I had thanked him as he had asked, he looked at me and said, "thanx bro" and walked off with Lush into the veld.

I must say it was nice to have Gwho Gwho's company while changing the tyre, as well as helping the guy out to impress his girl.