Wonderful Soap Reviews

I can most definitely vouch for African Bliss soaps. Not only are they amazing on your skin, but I also know that they are mad with a lot of love and care. Once you have used African Bliss there is no going back!!

February 5, 2009 12.06AM

Just want to say thank you for these wonderful soaps. I have been using your soaps since 2007 and I love them. I have never had an allergic reaction which used to happen often, they make wonderful gifts and stocking fillers (mostly everyone gets soap from me these days!) and they smell divine!

Regards,  Lee-sa


I picked the soap up today and thanks so much, it is awesome!! I can’t believe it turned out so nice, I’m going to use a bar tomorrow for testing, it smells fantastic. So I’m 5 bars down from starting after the family seems to think they are quality testers…even my dad who is old school ‘I don’t use moisturizer!’ loved the other bars so he’ll give these a test as well.

The soap is amazing! It’s exactly like the others and foams really well and the fragrance from all the natural ingredients could not have come out better. I’ve dropped a few bars off this weekend for some friends to test out and they’re loving it! It’s really unlike anything else that you can buy. I’m so happy I found out about you guys, this soap could have been made by any of the top brands. I think people have forgotten what real soap is like…the bars you buy in the shops can hardly be called soap when you compare them

Kind regards, and chat soon.



Just want to let you know, bought some of your soap and AAAAAhhhhh AWESOME!!!!!




Hi Rae. Hope you are well.

I just want to thank you for your quick response to the e-mail I sent just over a week ago.
Your list of stockists was spot on!!{ Neals Yard (in the Fourways Mall) is 10 mins from me. }

I did purchase one of your soaps – olive oil soap, and I absolutely love it. My kids have used it, my husband (who is very hard to please when it comes to soap  ) has used it and we all love it. What a beautiful product. Thank you.

I will probably order from you at some point, but I just want to double check…if I order the 20 soaps will they stay ‘fresh’, as it will take a few months before working through all of them?? 

I just want to try a few more different bars and I’ll be in touch.

Thanks again for a great product, and for making a difference to our world.

God Bless.



My customers love you soap!  Such wonderful exotic smells!!
Kind regards,

Hi Rae
Thank you for letting me know. I'll be on the lookout for my new stash of natural goodness.
Your soap is one of the best discoveries I've made these last few years. Keep up the good work!
Regards, Erich.


We’ve just come back from a 2 week hol in Knysna and one of the places we stayed at provided a bar of your Green Tea soap and my husband and I absolutely loved it (and the lovely packaging).  We asked where she had bought it (Lesley’s in Knysna) and went and bought about 10 bars.  Car was already full to bursting but we made space!   
We live in Fourways in Johannesburg – would it be possible to buy your products directly from you?  If so, what would be the minimum order. 
 I’ve just read your blog, which is lovely - what a life - and many congratulations to you all for making it work!
Best wishes


I live in the US. I was recently on a missions trip to So Africa and had the chance to try your soap…and loved it. I brought some home and my husband loved it also. I am wondering if it is sold in the US anywhere or do you ship here?

We live in Arizona where we have hot dry weather and your soap was wonderful combined with that!

I look forward to hearing from you regarding your soaps.

Thank you
Mary Snyder

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Many thanks Rae. 
Thrilled to hear you’re so busy – but not surprised.  We’re in no rush at all so pls don’t worry about sending the soap and then massage bars separately.  We’re happy to wait a week or so if necessary if it makes it easier for you.
 You have a sensationally packaged product (the soap), which, when opened, is more than beyond one’s expectations.  I’m looking forward to trying the massage bar – I know it won’t disappoint.
 We came across your soap at a lovely place we stayed at in Knysna.  
Dear Rae & Dino

Just a short note to once again compliment you on your soap. I absolutely love everything about it; the wrapping, the shape, the size, the smell, the look, the colour, the feel, just everything.

well done

lots of love, marliese

Hi Rae.

I've used your soaps for a year now and seen a noticeably improvement on my skin. The dry patches have disappeared, thanks to your soap. I would like to order as follows:

Tandiswa Matanzima

Hi Rae

I used the Men's Soap for the first time last night and absolutely loved it.

I've been using only your soaps these past few months - for washing my body and hair and shaving. My massage therapist commented on the excellent condition of my hair when I saw her on Saturday. (I hadn't seen her for a month since she was out of commission due to a neurological problem.)

I've given a few bars away as gifts. I also put your soaps in my guest room. Everyone who has used them has given positive feedback, mostly unsolicited. Not everyone who has used them will necessarily take the trouble to obtain them for themselves but every so often you can see someone recognising the true value of the product. It's as if something lights up in them.

Regards, Erich.

Dear Rae
Have one customer who uses the olive oil soap and for the first time she has no reaction to a soap.  She is in heaven.


Thank you – I will without doubt enjoy the soap!  It is by far the best soap I have ever encountered anywhere in the world.  It is one of the things I can not live without.

Have a happy weekend.

Ellen (Prince Albert)

Hi Rae

I meant to email you last week to say that your soaps had arrived on Friday - getting forgetful in my old age !  
We are so enjoying having the shower cubicle filled with the lovely scent of the soaps.

Kind regards



Your massage bar is a delight in the depths of winter. Do you sell online? I received as a gift. And, if so, how much?