Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am back.

Well after a long hot and busy summer, what with endless soap orders (we are not complaining!), entertaining friends and family, I'm finally getting the time to sit down and write on our blog again. Now that things have calmed down and are a lot quieter, we are having the time to get back into the veggie garden once again! 

The last two days  have been the hottest we've had this season. Late this afternoon, when we finally felt brave enough to venture outside again, I went to inspect the state of things in our veggie garden. While walking around the mielies, I realised to my utter dismay, that while I thought I had been watering them sufficiently over the past two days, it hadn't been enough and we are going to loose quite a lot of plants, including some of the pumpkins, butternuts and melons that had been interplanted amongst the mielies. 

Oh well... it's a constant learning curve, this change of lifestyle we've chosen and we are all  healthy and happy and still harvesting and eating plenty from the garden!                                                                                                                                                                             

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alexa said...

I know for a fact that those horsies of ours must have loved eating the meilies that didn't fully grow!