Monday, August 20, 2012

Wedded bliss... and yes, we do wedding soaps

wedding soaps
 In the spring of 2011, some friends of ours decided to tie the knot. It was decided that they were to have a wedding in celtic-style, complete with bagpipes, bells and jingles. It was one of the most beautiful weddings that we have ever been to.
Before the wedding, all the guests gathered at the bride and bridegrooms home, in the little town of Krakeel for drinks, after which we followed the bride and bridegroom in a jolly stroll down to the little local stone church, to the accompaniment of celtic music, bells and bagpipes.
We wanted to contribute something special to the wedding and offered to make 50gm soaps, wrapped in our own handmade flower paper, with all the flowers coming from our veld and garden. These were to be used as wedding favours, with the bride and bridegrooms name printed on old fashioned-styled name tags which were then stuck onto the soap.
As you can imagine, everybody was delighted and almost a year down the line, there are still some that have refused to use their beautiful little favours and  keep them as a little treasure!
Our flower soap range of citrus, geranium and lavender
Irma and Karel ahead of the prossession down to the chapel.

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garden girl in SA said...

Beautiful soaps and what a great Wedding idea.