Saturday, December 6, 2008

Welcome to african bliss farm

So here we are in the Kouga mountains! A place we found after many trials and tribulations, spanning over a period of 3yrs and nearly throwing in the towel more than once (but only for about a week), in our search for a home that would be good for the whole family. Our search eventually brought us here to our little farm, with its skies so blue it makes your mouth water, stars so bright that it allows the soul to travel and a landscape perfect for adventure. Here we chose to settle for now or maybe for ever, one can never be sure.......


Kevin said...

Really enjoyed our visit there, and Ruby too!! Lots love, Kev, Kari and Rubes x x

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
My name is Katri and we are living in the Western Cape
We really would like to get in contact with you regarding the sale of your soaps.
Thank you and all the best

Unknown said...

Hi there, it looks like you are living my dream life!! I have a small cafe in George at Child Welfare with an emphasis on local, organic, natural and sustainable eating and living. Do you sell your soap wholesale direct to retailers? Please contact me either or 0824479397.
Thanks, Lesley (King)