Friday, January 16, 2009

african bliss clan

a photo taken on the 3rd of january 2009.This day was very special to us as it was a day when our wedding vows were renewed.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning African Bliss Clan (looking lovely), I am looking for your contact details please. I've been searching the internet, and cant seem to find antyhing except this blog of yours.
Please e-mail me at:

Please include your full catalogue and price list.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards

Jessica le Roux Smit
Endymion Incorporated

the rumbelows said...

Such a special family, we are honoured to be your friends.

Anonymous said...

Such a special family, were are honoured to be your friends.

Unknown said...

Good Morning,

Could you please let me know if I can order your soap directly from you. I would like to buy it for our little shop here in Montagu.

Please email me, so I can get my order out:

Thanks a lot and have a good day.

Kind regards,
Katrin Lenhardt
The Mystic Tin & Karoobrew[ery]