Wednesday, July 15, 2009

YAY.... A new soap for spring!

At long last.... we've been discussing "a new soap" for some time now and have just launched our new addition to the range! After a long drought in our area, the rains finally came and the smell of the flowering geraniums filled the air. If you have experienced this, you will agree that this is a very heady and uplifting fragrance, that evokes an incredible sense of wellbeing.... and so came the inspiration for our new soap, a Geranium Poppyseed Scrub. This is a great soap to start the day with, or to wind down with in a lovely warm bath or an invigorating shower! We also decided to throw in some poppyseeds to give an extra scrub, perfect to get rid of all that winter dry skin. This is fast becoming the family favourite and Caitlin, our graphic designer, once again did a wonderful job with the label.


GardenMom said...

That sounds absolutely wonderful. Do you have any way to order online? I have switched over to the natural soaps because of skin sensitivities.

mermaid said...

We would love to supply you with some soap, but postage is hugely expensive.Thankyou so much for your interest.We enjoy your blog