Monday, February 21, 2011

A Spectacular End To A Hot Day

Star and Picasso
Today was one of the hottest and most humid days of the year, so far and I hate humidity! On days like this very little gets done around the "plaas". We do the bare essentials, such as watering the veggie garden, providing water for the horses and making soap, of course. The rest of the time is spent on the internet, reading in front of a fan and waiting for the temperature to drop to a manageable degree, so that we can venture out again. On days like this, one feels like a vampire, the moment you open the door and put your face out into the sun, you feel like cringing as it hits you! Anyway, the day never really got any cooler, until finally at about 5 pm, we got some cloud cover and I decided to take the dogs for their daily walk followed by a game of sticks.

 No matter how hot, or how cold and wet, they're always keen and for this reason I could never let them down. Come rain, hail, thunder and lightening, or some other kind of weather catastrophy, its as if their entire day  is spent lying around and biding their time, waiting for their walk. These pictures are of them at the end of todays walk.
Star, the only girl out of a litter of 7 puppies
So, I walked dogs and then put the horses into their field. Star never lets me out of her sight and is always sure to be there when I look around. If by chance I have not noticed her then she will let me know of her presence by giving me a gentle nudge with her nose.
The horses

Lulu long legs

Colonel ( alias: Gwho- Gwho )

The start of the show was with the clouds drawing in from the west.
Then we had some really majestic light illuminating the best parts of the clouds.
Star was also there, in fact the whole dog and human family to watch this display.
As you can see by the number of photos that I took, I was hoping to capture some of the beauty, I was obviously enjoying this and was in complete awe!

This is a close-up pic of a section of the clouds, just too beautiful.
Once the show was over, we sat on our stoep with a gas stove and fried some egg plant steaks, dipped in batter, with salt and a squeeze of lemon juice, accompanied by a salad and a lekker glass of red wine. Incidently, our entire meal was from the garden, including the lemon. Later, after supper, we experienced a short thunderstorm, just enough to cool the earth down for a good nights sleep.
The next day was another STINKER........


Dani said...

Stunning photo's!

The Monday of the previous week we had exactly the same weather on the farm so can completely identify with what you wrote. Although we had the added disadvantage of NO water (the inlet value of the area's storage tanks had been jammed with a stone).

Next time that happens - wash your curtains and hang them up (sopping)wet to dry - will cause an air-conditioned effect. Works really well :-)

African Bliss said...

Thanks for that advice Dani, will try it. Even though we some rain we could really do with a whoe lot more.

Mietz said...

OH Rea Dino;
seeing your pictures and reading all your story`s makes me wanne come back to your farm...miss you guy`s(and all the animal`s)so mutch...thanx for beeing there =) love you