Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Home made cream cheese

first stage
 I thought that I would share this recipe of making cream cheese, as it is dead easy and absolutely cost efficient compared to buying the ready made kind from the shops. It also leaves you with a great sense of achievement when you arrive at the end product and it is as good as the best you will find in the shops. 
After 1 day and turned out.
 Recipe : You will need. 2lt Amasi First Choice sour milk (I found this brand the best to work with), a 10lt bucket or similar container, flour sieve or colander and a cheese cloth, or a dish cloth.
stirred into a smooth consistency with salt and pepper
  • Place the cloth in the sieve suspended over your bucket. Make sure the sieve wont fall in.  
  • Pour the Amasi into the cloth and cover with a plate. 
  • Let it stand for a day or two to drain somewhere cool, out of the reach of cats and dogs (this happened to us), to allow all the whey to drain out.  
  • Then gather the corners of your clothe to pick up your cheese and turn it out into a bowl like we          did in the photo's above.
  • Give it a good stir, adding salt and black pepper to taste. You can then be as creative as you like, adding chilli, herbs and perhaps even some shredded biltong for the meat eaters. 
  • Keep refrigerated and enjoy!.                                                                                                            
cream cheese ,avo and tomato sandwich on homemade rye bread


Dani said...

Clever using Amasi :)

I used milk and vinegar in this ricotta recipe (http://ecofootprintsa.blogspot.com/2010/11/ricotta-cheese-yoghurt-and-cottage.html) and also made cream cheese and yoghurt - all three are also dead easy :)

Dani said...

P.S. The leftover whey can also apparently be used in making soap, definitely in bread and fed to animals too :)

African Bliss said...

Hey Dani thanks for the info.We also give the whey to our dogs,it seems like it really does their bowls good.....By the way how was the soap and cream, maybe drop Rae an email....have a splendid evening.